Видео: Elsword RE:BOOT Rune Master 3-X Play

Elsword Re:Boot Update - Rune Master

Playlist: https://tinyurl.com/y2kgvepd.

[Elsword] Rune Master Reboot PVP #1

Still adjusting to the new skills so forgive my derps and mistakes xD Also special shoutout to darkXdragonZ and Ryuichito :D ...

Elsword RM 符文豆豆 Rune Master 12-7 186billion in 2:56

武器(Weapon):+11魔人(Flames of Judgement) 技能:極限符文破壞者(Extreme Rune Buster)46% 魔攻(Magical Attack):50000 B ...

[Elsword EU] Rune master 11-4 solo play

Got Re:Boot yesterday, not 100% comfortable with the new WoS yet.

[Elsword kr] Rune Master 11-5 solo 0:57 / 룬 마스터 엘의 탑 방어전 0:57

+11 9999 청색 노강수 입니다 보뎀증 : 71.1% 스펙 정보 : https://blog.naver.com/jeno0709/221568856754.

[Elsword INT] REBOOT Rune Master 3x Solo

My mistake everywhere @[email protected] He is good now but really want good controlling gauge. Boss just melt like butter lol.

[Elsword kr] Rune Master 14-1 1:57 / 룬 마스터 쌍두뱀의 신당

심심해서 해봤어용 11단죄 1010119 엘노.

Elsword NA - Rune Master (RM) - Master Road Dungeon (Rosso) [Normal] and Drabaki Run

Sorry for the long time of waiting, new video after upgrading my stuff Julier Channel: ...

[Elsword kr] Rune Master 4-x solo 1:59 / 룬마 오염구역 솔플

이거 되게 실수한판인데 오히려 잘된판보다 기록이 더 잘나왔네요 이 판에서 실수만안했으면 55초~57초까진 찍을수있을거같워요.

[Elsword NA] REBOOT Rune Master 1:1 PvP

Back for reboots (sorry I'm late)! I still have to get used to the new speeds and vit/des mode switching mid combo, but I'll get there ...

Elsword INT server - Reboot: Rune Master

Well he has cheese wheel now like Apsara lol. He also has that new charge skill that summons elemental sword buff when ...

[Elsword kr] Rune Master 13-2 solo / 룬마스터 폐쇄된 심해 터널 솔플영상

탐택 한건 아니고 그냥 찍어봤어여 빌드도 아직 안세우고 보스도 룬마로 천장에 달린거 해치우기 힘드네요 ㅠㅠ..

Elsword - Rune Master - Re:Boot

update 6/20 https://elwiki.net/babel/?p=6777 discord: https://discord.gg/nUMSeY6.

[Elsword NA] Guardian's Forest 12-2 Rune Master - Sakazu (No Consumables Run)

Hello and welcome to Elsword NA dungeon run videos in which should be semi-daily and going through a variety of characters.


New skills are pretty neat I must say. Very sorry for the music in 11-6, it was so loud that I didn't expect the sound to get so noisy.

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